Welcome to “Through the Pages of Sherlock Holmes” this is a spoiler-free group so newbies can read with us. Our plan is to read part 1 of “A Study in Scarlet” by Jan 26th. Send your feedback to sherlockholmespages at gmail.com before Jan 26th and we’ll read it on air!

Cover of "A Study in Scarlet"

The novel is available here for free: http://gutenberg.org/ebooks/244

Audio for free here: http://librivox.org/a-study-in-scarlet-by-sir-arthur-conan-doyle/

or here: http://www.audiobooksforfree.com/download/default.asp?refnum=1000012

It’s also available for free on Kindle here (thanks Nutty), be aware that the introduction is full of spoilers and just skip forward to the actual stories.

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