Episode #018 – The Adventure of the Yellow Face

Paget_Holmes_Yellow_Face_child Join John, Angela, Scott and Tabz as they discuss “The Adventure of the Yellow Face.” In this story, Sherlock Holmes, suffering from boredom due to a want of cases, returns home from a walk with Dr. Watson in the early spring of 1888 to find he has missed a visitor, but that the caller has left his pipe behind. From it, Holmes deduces that he was disturbed of mind (because he forgot the pipe); that he valued it highly (because he had repaired, rather than replaced, it when it was broken); that he was muscular, left-handed, had excellent teeth, was careless in his habits and was well-off.

None of these deductions is particularly germane to the story: they are merely Holmesian logical exercises. When the visitor, Mr. Grant Munro (whose name Holmes observed from his hatband) returns, Holmes and Watson hear the story of Munro’s deception by his wife Effie. She had been previously married in America, but her husband and child had died of yellow fever, whereupon she returned to England and met and married Munro. Their marriage had been blissful — “We have not had a difference, not one, in thought, or word, or deed,” says Grant Munro — until she asked for a hundred pounds and begged him not to ask why. Two months later, Effie Munro was caught conducting secret liaisons with the occupants of a cottage near the Munro house in Norbury (Story synopsis from Wikipedia).

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Episode #017 – Silver Blaze

download Join Angela, John and Tabz as they discuss “Silver Blaze.” One of the most popular Sherlock Holmes short stories, “Silver Blaze” focuses on the disappearance of the titular race horse (a famous winner) on the eve of an important race and on the apparent murder of its trainer. The tale is distinguished by its atmospheric Dartmoor setting and late-Victorian sporting milieu. It also features some of Conan Doyle’s most effective plotting, hinging on the “curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”


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The Adaptations #001- Jeremy Brett’s Scandal in Bohemian, Blue Carbuncle, and Speckled Band.


Welcome to “Tabz is Right, Jeremy Brett is Awesome” edition of Through the Pages of Sherlock Holmes. Join Tabz, Scott, John, Angela and special guest Heath as they discuss “Scandal in Bohemian,” “Blue Carbuncle,” and “Speckled Band.” These are all stories we discussed previously in the podcast, so there’s no spoilers unless you haven’t read up to this point with us!

Episode #016 – The Adventure of the Copper Beeches

Copp-03Join Angela, John, Tabz and Scott as they discuss the Sherlock Holmes and “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches.” In this story, Violet Hunter visits Holmes, asking whether she should accept a job as governess; a job with very strange conditions. She is enticed by the phenomenal salary which, as originally offered, is £100 a year, later increased to £120 when Miss Hunter balks at having to cut her long hair short (Her previous position paid £48 a year). This is only one of many peculiar provisos to which she must agree. The employer, Jephro Rucastle, seems pleasant enough, yet Miss Hunter obviously has her suspicions.

Theme song by Austin Wintory.

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