Episode #009 – The Five Orange Pips

fiveorangepips Join Angela, Tabz, John and Scott as they discuss The Five Orange Pips. A tale of mystery, scandal and murder that may have been committed by the Ku Klux Klan in London. Who else but Sherlock Holmes can solve these series of deaths (from GoodReads.com).

Theme song by Austin Wintory

3 Responses to Episode #009 – The Five Orange Pips

  1. Hi,
    First off I enjoy the podcast a lot, thank you.
    I don’t have a facebook account. I’m guessing more information will be there, but: what went wrong with thisone? I’ve just listened to the first 6 minutes and there are gaps making it almost impossible to follow the discussion.
    Did you upload the wrong track and will there be a new upload later perhaps? Or should I just persevere and listen to thisone?
    Also, I like the background you give about Doyle and the society he lived in. Could you maybe talk a bit about his friendship with Houdini? I find it interesting that their relationship soured over the fact that Doyle (MD, creator of rational Holmes etc.) believed in mysticism and Houdini was a skeptic.

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