Episode #30 The Norwood Builder


Join Angela, John, and Scott as they discuss “The Norwood Builder.” In this story, a guy tries to fake his own death in a complicated revenge scheme, and Conan Doyle thinks that human and rabbit bones look alike.

Thank you for bearing with us for our over-a-year hiatus. We should be getting out episodes more regularly.

Episode #029 – The Empty House



Join Angela, John, and Scott as they discuss “The Empty House.” In this story, Sherlock Holmes is back! Yay! Doyle writes the first retcon?

The Adaptations #008 – The Hound of the Baskervilles (Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett and RANDOMNESS)


Listen as Angela, John, Scott and Tabz as they discuss some HOUNDING movies.

Episode #028 – The Hound of the Baskervilles


Join Scott, Angela, Tabz and John as they discuss a family “hounded” by their past.

The Adaptations #007 – BBC’s Sherlock “A Study in Pink”


Join Tabz, Angela, Scott & John as they discuss Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock “A Study in Pink.”

Consulting Sherlock Podcast.

The Adaptations #006 – The Resident Patient, The Greek Interpreter, The Naval Treaty


Listen as John, Angela, Scott and Tabz discuss The Resident Patient, The Greek Interpreter,  and The Naval Treaty with the amazingness that is Jeremy Brett.

Episode #027 – The Final Problem


Listen as Tabz, Angela, John, Scott and Ross as they discuss “The Final Problem.” In this short story we meet Holmes’ greatest opponent, the criminal mastermind, Professor James Moriarty.


Ross’ webcomic: anchored.thewebcomic.com

Theme song by Austin Wintory.

Episode #025 – The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter


Join Tabz, John, Scott and Angela as they discuss “The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter” aka Holmes has a brother?

In this story, Watson, much to his surprise, meets Holmes’ older brother, Mycroft. Mycroft is smarter than Sherlock, but lacks the energy to go into detective work. In spite of his inertia, the elder Holmes has often delivered the correct answer to a problem that Sherlock has brought to him. On this occasion, however, it is Mycroft who has need to consult Sherlock. Mr. Melas, a Greek interpreter and neighbour of Mycroft, tells of a rather unnerving experience he has recently gone through (Wikipedia).

Episode #024 – The Adventure of the Resident Patient

resi-03Join Angela, Tabz, John and Scott as they discuss the story, “The Adventure of the Resident Patient.”

In this story, Doctor Percy Trevelyan brings Holmes an unusual problem. Having been a brilliant student but a poor man, Dr. Trevelyan has found himself a participant in an unusual business arrangement. A man named Blessington, claiming to have some money to invest, has set Dr. Trevelyan up in premises with a prestigious address and paid all his expenses. Everything has gone fairly well for the doctor since the arrangement began. Now, however, something has happened to Mr. Blessington. He has become excitable and agitated, this after he said that he had read about a burglary somewhere in the city (Wikipedia).

Theme song by Austin Wintory.

The Adaptations #005 – The Crooked Man Adaptations


ROBOT WATSON! That is all. Join Tabz, Angela, John and Scott as they discuss Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century and Jeremy Brett’s The Crooked Man.

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